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whassup [14 Jun 2005|08:32pm]
[ mood | blegh ]

Wow, its really been forver since ive written in this. Freshman year is finally over and its summer time! So far my summers been purty good i suppose. I still hang out with chrissy and lauren just not as often...its kinda the same thing with sarah. Stephanie Harris i think randomly moved without saying bye to anybody :( I miss her. Now -a- days you'l almost always find me hangin out with ryann because she's just krunk like that...& me -n- her are basically always out somewhere with cody and kyle. welp the phone just rang and yeah im on it. so i'll write back some other time.


nottthhiinnnn [29 Mar 2005|07:09pm]
[ mood | good. ]

Heyyyyy My days have been going pretty good, i suppose. Things are actually going by really fast now-a-days. My three day weekend was good.=) I had family over for a little bit but it was cool. Then I hung out with chrissy and my flanagangtuh.8-) I ran into a fence and now I have a cut on my chin. lol. Weird. I drank a little and I also went to the pitz. I hadn't been there in forever. Well it felt like forever.
hey well im on the phone and im bad at multi tasking so i'll write back later. <33 Blake.

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Bueno [20 Mar 2005|08:23pm]
[ mood | bouncy ]

Ayyyy mayynn =) This spring break has been purty good. I saw cute wittle Stephanie...... AND Haha I drank one night with Saruh -n- I spent alotta time havin fun with my Flanagansta! Yessssss. I tried to go to Laurens_ But yeah i think I'll just try again next weekend. Christine came back from Colorado today but I didnt hang out with her or nothing. Faggot. mmmhhhmm.
Starting tomorrow is the rest of my familys spring break, so they are going to be coming down here to visit. It's going to be crowded. OK it's going to be my sister Kristi, her newborn baby, her son Kaiden that's 2, her husband Eliah, then my Aunt Ethster, her kids Jessica & Ryan, My grandma, my cousin Angela -n- her son Benjamin.... and I'm purty sure I left some people out_ yuck. My house is going to be crazy. Well I got to do some stuff so I'll write later. Adios


[12 Mar 2005|09:45pm]
[ mood | word. ]


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Yuck. [10 Mar 2005|11:42pm]
[ mood | whateva. ]

Hello everybody, I'm just updating for the hell of it really. Everything has been shit. I was betrayed by the people that were supposed to be the closest to me. My friend went to Juvi(and no I'm talking about anybody from CAP). And one of my other friends is in rehab after recently running away. Yeah just peachy.=) Today my geometry teacher gave me a zero for a test grade and wont change it Or EVEN let me make it up, making me fail his class for this 9 weeks. Whata fag. Blegh.
On the bright side, I guess, my cousins came down today.:-) Their cool and they make me laugh. Yupp but their not staying to long_ I think they're leaving Sunday, but I'm not sure. Anyways... tomorrow is the last day before we get off for spring break (YESS!!!) but that means...in all the classes that we're not screwing off watching a movie or something, we're taking tests. Yuck. I have a bazillion tests tomorrow.
After school tomorrow tho, I think I'm gunna chill with my cousins and then go stay the night at Ryanns house cause she's such a cool cat. And she hasn't done nothing to me yet. Well haha I got to get to studying before I crash. Deuce motha fuckas. <---eww. Haha.

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weird. [26 Feb 2005|12:10am]
[ mood | wierd ]

Well Today was just a regular day. Not to bad, but nothing extremely good came out of it either. After school I came home, called my mom and talked her into letting me use the phone. I started tryin to call someone but the phone was being a qeer. Then, out of nowhere, Chrissy's house number starts calling.I was like "ah shieet" But her mom just wanted me to go over there and talk to her(Chrissy). Weird. But I'm like the only thing or person shes allowed to see, so idk.I went over there and hung out with her for a little while, and then they took me out to eat dinner with them.It was cool, I hadn't actually hung out with her in a while. I hope things get better for them.

I get ungrounded tomorrow, I hope that works out too, but I have this wierd gut feeling it won't. Gosh. Well I'll write more later. Bye.

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Score! =) [24 Feb 2005|11:02pm]
[ mood | Nice ]

Yay! I was doing spanish homework with my Latino mami in the kitchen(lol)... and she informed me that on Monday we're getting DSL installed. =)It might not be that great, BUT our computer really sucks_ s0o0o maybe it'll be faster.
--Deuce playas

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Nothiiinnnn [24 Feb 2005|08:04pm]
[ mood | ok, I suppose ]

Hi. Today was....semi boring. Well, yeah pretty boring. I woke up early, ate Taco cabana for breakfast, then me and my mom went to drive to Nate's house to give him a ride_On the way to Nate's we saw Chrissy standing on the corner smoking a ciggarette waiting for the cap bus. We said hi, but we couldn't really talk much.Yeah. Today I went to Austin and San Marcos to go tour UT and Texas State, haha yeah I don't even really know what I want to do much less what college I want to go to yet. On another note, we went to a little Deli restuarant there in Austin and it sucked. the food wasn't even good[it made my belly hurt] and it was expensive. I thought we were just gunna get fast food so I had like a couple bucks but yeah. It sucked. I think the highlight of the day was watching this weird girl walk down the stairs and run to catch up with her friends at Texas State with Nate.lol. I felt bad for her, but yet it was really amusing. It made me want to have one of those video phones, so I could have recorded it; & then on one of those bad days_ you can just go watch it -n-it'll make you laugh or at least smile.=) Mayn you should have seen it. She walked with both of her feet pointing outwards and when she walked down any stairs she would go one at a time really slowly making sure both feet were on the step before going to the next one. Then all of her friends would be way ahead of her so she would run all retarded lookin to catch up with them. And at Texas State they have tons of little stairs everywhere...so, since she was in our tour group I got to watch her and be amused for about an hour.
Tomorrows Friday. I'm glad_ first periods gunna be cool. We get breakfast burritos and a movie(Napoleon Dynamite) Yes suh.Haha, that's about the only good part. Other than that the rest of classes are going to be like always & I'm still grounded. I think for sure I will be ungrounded by Saturday though. Niccee_it's gunna be gay tho if I don't end up doing anything.But hopefully that doesn't happen. Well im gunna go for now. Talk at ya'll later. =)

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[20 Feb 2005|09:16pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

Mayn, I was right. My mom made me go to church -n- I missed the party_ well actually, it might even be going on right now, but I still can't go anyways.

Before I went to church tho... it was kinda wierd. I was in my room and noone was home but me -n- my dad. I was in my room with the radio really loud & my dad comes -n- tells me to turn it down. I've been mad all day and I was about to blow up on him because_ 'why would my radio be bothering him when he was all the way in the kitchen on the phone... but then he tells me to just go out to the kitchen cause Christine" and her mom were here. So...haha yeah I was like " aww mayn what now...:-/" -n- I told him I would be out there in a minute. Haha -I stayed in my room for like 15 minutes trying to think of what I possibly did now -n- how I could get out of it..but then finally I just went out there and I guess Chrissy's mom could tell by the look on my face that I thought I was gunna be in trouble for something so she said, " Don't worry,Im here just to socialize." Which was wierd, I mean; who really wants to socialize with my dad?! Nobody, thats who. But yeah, so it was all of us just sitting in the kitchen listening to my dad telling Chrissy's mom about all the food we eat being poison. Then my mom and sister got home and saw Chrissy's mom in the kitchen and were like, "what did she do now?"-n- iono they all started bs'n(bullshittin) about stuff that I didnt care about_ so me and Chrissy both went to my room, even tho I was mad at her.I guess im not all pissed off at her... but idk its still different now. So yeah_ me & her were sitting in my room and my door opens; we look and it's ryann. wierd. Thats how it normally is when im not grounded...they let everybody just walk in and they dont tell me,haha.. and people just randomly walk in my room. So we talked to her for a few minutes.. But yeah, sadly since I am still grounded; everybody had to go.
My mom says if I quit being so pissed off at everybody i'll be ungrounded by next saterday... but if I dont then it will be march 3rd as we agreed on earlier. But idk...I still feel like being a bitch to them, they deserve it and its only a 5 day difference. I guess we'll see. Meh.

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<\3 [20 Feb 2005|04:30pm]
[ mood | angry ]

Hey, guh. Today I went to Sunday school -n- shiz... I think my class is gunna do confession soon. I hate that, It's like the only thing in my catholic religion that I don't agree with. Confession is where you have to go confess all of your sins to the priest and ask for forgiveness; Honestly i would rather just pray and ask god. I don't really need a priest there, but yeah. And then they were telling us if we leave out sins on purpose and don't say them that, that is a sin in itself. Idk I just think it's retarded, but I guess thats because im one of the kids in class that has sins to be embarrassed about.=/ Not good.
>:-O <--- haha, (thats an angry face). This morning noone but Lori went to church, I would have gone with her if my mom would have woken me up but she didn't. Normally that wouldnt have made me mad...But because we didnt go this morning it means we have to go tonight and I had plans for tonight. I wanted to go with Ryann to Sarahs party. So i was all pissed off. It starts at like 6 something and I dont think it said when it ended, but its a 7 o' clock mass that gets out at 8' n then my dad takes forever to drive home because he's old. So i'd have to end up getting to her party at 8:30 to 9 ish. I'd feel bad getting there almost 3 hours after it starts. So yeah Im sorry Ryann but most likely I can't go since my family is a bunch of queers. But if you want you can still come by and borrow that shirt... if you want to.
Maynn today is just not my day at all, my mom gave me my cell phone back cause I was gunna put these little gemstone thingies on it, but that didnt turn out well either... but this one is my fault. I had to use this glue stuff n it got on the screen where it says the time -n- shiz and now it looks all hazy and you can't see it very well. So basically I just fucked up my cell phone and made it look retarded.=( Well im going to go for now but most likely since im still grounded and just being irritated at home I'll end up writing more later. Deuce.

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[19 Feb 2005|05:12pm]
This is all so GAY
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Not going soo well. [18 Feb 2005|07:27pm]
K well today wasn't bad I guess... yesterday was good too, until night time. Guh_ my familys just full of queers. I got in this big arguement with my rents, and yeah idk._ It was gay. but hey at least i got to get my nails done Before i got in the arguement with them. Niceee 8-) I was supposed to go shopping with the mother again this weekend but I dont think thats going to happen.:-/ On another note, Chrissy and Lauren got suspended. My family was bein nosey as hell about that too because my goody-two-shoes sis' is an office aid and saw them in the office. I wont see them for a while, cause they also have cap and such and will be gone for at least 35 days. Im still mad at Chrissy tho so idk, Idc. She came by my house again today, and gave my dad a note to give to me, I went outside and I was going to maybe attempt to talk to her but her parents were sitting out there in the van. I really don't like her parents.>:o But Christine wants me to get her stuff from desinee, but someone already told me (for some odd reason) that jeremy has it. I guess noone knew i was mad at her so they were telling me this stuff.

Mayynn hold upp! Im STILL grounded, that sucks.But when I get ungrounded its gunna be party time. Im gunna go and see how erbodys doing, I feel like I havnt actually talked to everybody in ages.S0o0o im gunna go by Jeremy's,John's, Steph's,Sarah's, Lauren's,Ryann's... and such. Haha it's gunna be krunk;-) Well I have got to go now but I'll write later. Bye.
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Today is the Vday_ [14 Feb 2005|04:13pm]
[ mood | meh. ]

Heyy.What it is ho, ah wussup? Today is Valentines day and we had an early out. It actually wasn't too bad;I had an "ok" day, and we had a pep rally, early out, and now im allowed at Sarah's house again._So after school i went over there just like I used to last year. wierd.In about an hour im gunna go to the mall with her,Lauren, Ryann, and Nate. It should be some fun, considering I've been grounded over 2 weeks now. I get ungrounded March 3 or 4th. I dont remember. But yeah anyways... so whats new? Nothing much really besides Chrissy bein a queer. Mmmmhmmm.Yupp, and well I think I'm gunna get my nails done tommorrow.=) I went shopping with my mother dearest over the weekend_I got like 3 new pairs of flippy flops, and a jacket, oh and this really cute shirt!! It's really hoochie but not if you wear a shirt under it. yessss. Cool beans.Well I got to do some stuff before I leave so I'll holla at cha later. 8-) (j/k) lol. Bye_

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Pictures!! I havn't figured it out yet, but i will soon [10 Jan 2005|11:15pm]
[ mood | blank ]

you can click that , and in a couple days maybe I'll have actually put some pictures on there. lol. Love you all. mwuahs.

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Wowie_ I haven't written in this dilimeerbob in a while. [10 Jan 2005|09:12pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

Sup mami's n papi's? I haven't written in here in while. Exams went ok I think, I dont actually know what I got on them but oh well, I got my report card and my grades were good so no complaints. I went to houston for christmas. I looovvee Houston, that's the one place I could move and not be sad about moving =). I got to see my cousins and the family. I mainly stayed at my Aunt Dolores's, she's one cool cat. I got to see Zephry! 8-) That was nice I felt like I hadn't seen him in forever. Love you mayn. For Christmas I got some good presents, mainly perfume tho. But you never can have too much perfume_ i guess... I also got a straightener its really cool, but I think I look wierd with my hair straight. I have pictures and I would put them in here but i don't really know how. Heh. While I was there it snowed!!! I got to play in it and everything. It was my actual first time seeing real snow. How cool is that? I didn't really do too much there...played halo, went to the malls -n- etc. Ohh AND my grandma turned 75. I love her to death. Since I've been back iono. Don't really member. lol. I've been hanging out with Ryann and Tullen David. They're both such sweeties. No joke. Well and Chrissy, but she's been grounded. Soo yeah_ that sucks. Last weekend I stayed the night at Laurens and me, her, cody, n kyle went to Kyle's moms house-.-..-. Im not so sure that turned out to well, but hey, look at the bright side, we can disguise ourselves and go back with fake names and act as different ppl. I think it'll work. Maybe.::Sowie we didn't go get you chrissy:: Hmmm lets' see_ what else is new? HEYY the other day i was hangin out at johns house with jeremy, kole, brandon, sammy, n etc. and my phone startes ringing, it was STEVEN! wow. I hadn't talked to him in forever. It was awesome. Mmhmm. I can't think of much else to write about so, I suppose im going to go for now. Duece playas.


good days... [14 Dec 2004|08:44pm]
[ mood | purty damn good ]

Hello peoples, How's life? Mines purty good. I'm still sick, but I think I'm getting used to it now lol. So no biggie. Nothing happened at school, everybodys just reviewing for exams n shiz. Yeah purty much. After school Kyle took me, Chrissy, and Lauren to the mall, me and Chrissy picked up our glamour shots, then we just kind of looked around a bit n stuff at like Journays and Spencers. We drove back to the meighboorhood and dropped Lauren and Chrissy off, Kyle switched me spots and let me drive for a little bit. but it was only for like 5 minutes cause then I had to go home. Sad story.
Tommorow is the first day of exams...which means I don't have to be at school 'till 10:40. Yay.

Anywho... should I get a myspace? I was looking at Bradfords and it was purty cool. =) me like. Mayn I wish I had a digital camera. those are neato. Then I could have all these pics on here n stuff. I think im gunna tell my mom to add that to my x-mas list. She probably wont get it for me tho. But still, I can always wish.
Welp I'm gunna go now. -</3-

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Meh.. [13 Dec 2004|08:26pm]
[ mood | yuckie ]

Hey. Today was ok, I feel extremely crappy and it's gay.Mid terms are coming up, man I hate studying. But yeah anyways I wanted to leave today but I couldn't cause it got to late before I asked. Kyle called and I told him I would call him back.. so I call him back like 5 minutes later and he's gone. I think he went to go hang out with Chrissy. Yeah but w/e...
I think I'm allowed to go to jeremy's house now. My mom was gunna let me go over there, but she didn't want me walking home in the dark plus it's cold and I'm still sick so she said she would pick me up from there. That's purty kool. Jeremy's my buddy =). What a kool kid.
But anyways Kyle goes to court tommorow.. he could possibly have to go to jail for a year =-/. Doesn't that suck. Yes'm it does.
Today I put up x-mas decorations. We have a fake tree this year and it sucks. All the little plugs and shiz got all mixed up and we have no directions, so we only know how to get portions of the tree lit up. I didn't feel like messing with it anymore so that's what my parents are doing right now. I have most of my christmas shopping done.. well I think. I dunno. Yupps.
When me and Chrissy went to the mall over the weekend we got some pictures done, but I hate how they turned out. I think thier kinda ugly, but Chrissy says I'm being spastic, but I think she says that just cause she didnt turn out bad. But yeah you know how that goes.
Im leaving for houston on Saturday. I wanna go, but then again I don't...I think it'd be kool to spend Christmas here. But I think my mom knows that if we stayed her for Christmas, everybody would be gone off doing their own things, and if we're in Houston we'll actually all stay together as a family. So yeah were going to Houston. My bewie hurts so imma go eat some dinner. -Deuce </3


Bah. Im sick again. [08 Dec 2004|08:15pm]
[ mood | exhausted ]

Bah. I get sick so easy. I swear. It sucks. Last night I couldn't get to sleep at all, I was coughing like crazy and my nose was all stuffy so I couldn't breathe or nuffin. I don't think I slept at all. my mom said I could stay home, but I'd have to stay with my dad. Everybody knows how well I get along with him so I decided to go to school. And after I got dressed and stuff I didn't even feel tired. It was probably cause I was still all drugged up from taking medicines at like almost 5 in the morning.

School was ok. Nothing too great. :-/ But yeah, I was actually looking forward to after school since it's my only time to hang out and then I have to go home and be grounded... but around 8th period I get this little slip from the office. I thought it was gunna be somethin bad, like me being in trouble or somethin, but it wasn't. It was just telling me that my mom was going to pick me up from school. So yeah...the bell rings and my moms already parked outside. She took me to the doctor and they prescribed me like 3 medications. Guh I hate having to take medication cause I never remember to take them when im supposed to and my mom gets all pissy. Oh well, you know how that goes.

Only 3 days left till' I get ungrounded! It's great. Then I can leave my house finally, and I get my cell back. I can't be talking on it that much anyways tho. cause im supposed to be keeping the bill down, but I can see who calls and If im at home I'd call you back on my house phone.

Dang my country study's due on Friday. Chrissy you should do some of it for me. I'd pay you. PLEASE!! I really don't wanna do it. sheesh. I hate doing geography it so boring, but Mr. Benjamin's cool.

When I talked to Kyle today it seemed like something was wrong. I wonder what it was. He said something about having to go to jail for a year. That'd be bad. A year is an extremely long time. Well at least it would probably seem like it to be in jail for that long of a time. Matt's going to jail, but he's only going for 12 days. That would still be crappy tho.

Welp over all today wasn't a very good day. It was actually mostly gay, but the plus side of it is- it's almost time for the weekend =) Which is almost closer to Christmas break, where you get to get presents and I get to go see the fam in H-town. I love going to Houston so yeah. Looking forward to that'll keep me going. =-D Oh and Chrissy I'm soo sorry I won't be here to party with you on X-mas Eve. So don't have too much fun without me, and you know if I could take you to Houston with me I would. Lol welp Love you's -Deuce

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hello my loves...currently I am still grounded. [06 Dec 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | anxious ]

Ayyy!!! Today has been okay, I suppose. I went to school, that was like usual. Yeah then Kyle & Matt picked me and Chrissy up from school. We hung out with them till' about 5' and then they dropped me off at home. I actually did my chores today. I did everything my mom asked me to do. So basically I did everything except my homework ^_^ .Lol. She says if I don't get in anymore trouble I can be ungrounded the week before I go to Houston, then go to Houston and still be ungrounded, BUT come back and owe her a week. That doesn't sound to bad to me. So I think I am going to accept her offer, just the thing is... in order for this to work I can't get in anymore trouble. I skiped last Friday, what if they call me to the office like they did last time? That would be bad. So yeah I don't know. (don't leave comments on the skipping please)yeah. I think even if they do though it might work out, cause I left after 5th and my 6th and 7th teachers had subs. And im always late to 8th so I can just say he marked me absent, if they ask the class im purty sure anyone in there would lie and say I was there. Lol that class is funny. Iono, I hope im worrying for nothing, but who knows. Dang. I want a job, I need my own money :( .Im determined to find one. Anyways... when I get ungrounded im going to the mall to get Christmas presents! I love Christmas... it's great. I think I might be the one to put up the Christmas decorations at my house this year. But it's no biggie I like putting up the decorations...;-) I'll just make my bestest bud help me. I know she'll be thrilled. Hehe. K well Im supposed to be looking up definitions so peace out -- heh. I just said peace out.

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Why must she be such a bitch?! [02 Dec 2004|07:29pm]
[ mood | kind of angry still-- ]

Hello. Today was all good and gravy till' I got home. But yeah. Oh well, I hate my house.Im still grounded. I'll be able to work something out with my mom on the 10th I do believe. Sooo yeah. Lets see....nothing really happened today. Just school. I got a 100 on my project that I spent 3 hours on. I bet that pissed some people off considering they worked like at least a week on it. You know how that goes ;-). Kyle picked us up from school today, but this time Sarah came with us. Her and chrissy were going to David Yassens house to work on a project. So we dropped them off -n- then he took me home. Did I already mention I hate my house? And my family--well not my mom. But that's it. I walked in the front door and my dad and sis' were waiting for me to get home and wanted to know what took me so long. Why do they care? I wouldn't care if Lori came home late. Most likely I wouldn't even notice, but thats not even that big of a deal. I was just in a bad mood cause when I was talking to my mom on the phone my dad came in and started yelling at me cause he thought I was lying to him about talking to my mom. He took the phone from me and checked. Then I get off the phone with my mom and im going to get on the computer and Lori runs in the room telling me she needs to use it so I have to get off. And then thats when it happened_ it slipped, I was just like "fuck you. Im on right now." Then she just started bitchin and refused to get out of the room. So we got in this big arguement and ended up fighting with each other and my dad had to break it up. She smashed my fucking crackers that I was trying to eat and then got mad when I bitch slapped her with 'em. Its what she gets. She pulled my hair and I got hers right when my dad was pulling us apart and her hair just came out. Maybe she has some disease or something. My hair didn't come out and she was yanking it like a bitch. But whatever. I hope she chokes on mi wang. Guh. I don't even care that much that we got in a fight. But she cryed and she's probably gunna tell my mom. Well, even if she didn't my dad will. And in order for me to get ungrounded early im supposed to be good. This fight wasn't my fault but I always get in trouble for em'.It sucks. I hope I still get ungrounded early, thats all I'm worried 'bout. Geeze. Well the song my English class sung is on so imma go listen to it! =) ::Chrissy knows what im talking about ;-)::---Deuce </3

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